Grapefruit Cannonball (left to right): Josh Morgan, Danny Wilhelm, Jorden Isbell

Grapefruit Cannonball is a three-piece alternative rock band from a small town in northern Pennsylvania. Like big fish in a little pond, these upstarts have been winning fans wherever they play.

The three founding members are Jorden Isbell (drums, guitar, vocals), Josh Morgan (guitar, vocals, keyboard/piano), and Danny Wilhelm (bass). Josh and Danny had been playing music together for a couple of years. They met Jorden in junior high school and became friends through their passion for music. After jamming on multiple occasions as a hobby, they decided they wanted to take it further and officially form a band. They found success in a junior high talent show and a band competition. They played a few shows and fairs as a result. Realizing they had something special, they started writing music together.

In 2015, they decided to expand their sound to a four-piece, adding former drummer, Jarod Boardman. After winning another band competition, they decided to take their show in the road and expand their fan base. Since that time, they have played many shows from upstate New York to southern Pennsylvania, including two sets at the world-famous Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. Boardman departed the band shortly after.

2017 was a milestone year for the band. After playing their original songs for fans since their humble beginnings, it was time for the world to hear them. During the summer, they teamed with award-winning producer Andrew Chervak to record their first single, Bang Bang Bang, which was released in digital format in September of 2017. A month and a half later, they released their debut album, Idol, which was self-recorded and self-produced throughout the summer of 2017 in a small, remote cottage.

Idol consists of their own version of Bang Bang Bang, along with ten other songs. From heartfelt songs like Distant Love and The Weight to rockers like Toxic Girl and The Girl from Outer Space, each song takes a peek into the hearts and souls of the band members and shows a maturity well beyond their years. One listen is not enough.

Grapefruit Cannonball continues to write music and play shows. Be sure to follow them on their various social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation.